Does anybody know the length of the bottom engine mount on a 2000 250 It s a...


Does anybody know the length of the bottom engine mount on a 2000 250? It's a m10×1.25 but I need to know the length! According to some stuff online I saw 120mm but according to my measuring it should be like 130. I need a new one! Thanks!!

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  • Cool thanks man!! That's cheaper than running 2 hrs to a store that may or may not have it!!

  • This nut..... priceless

  • There it sits

  • In two hours I could hit twenty places for that.

  • Yea I'm in the Midwest in the middle of nowhere lol. Not quite but yea...

  • Suburbs here and still great track or three with-in twenty minutes drive for an evening moto this week.

  • Im in las Vegas Nevada. This town is over built. But like in twenty mins or dep on traffic i could be at a nevada bolt. Find every bolt ever made or house of house or All Hose make custom hose and hardware to spec i guess i never realized how good i've got it...

  • Wow yall are lucky!! A local rancher has a 9 mile enduro track n a small mx track I haven't ride yet but looking forward to riding this summer! I've honestly never rode an mx track yet. Always trail rode or jus ripped up the back 40 so I'm not a very experienced rider.

  • So are at all interested in how the part number can be easy for you to look up and order online? Pretty good to know if you dont drive those distances.

  • Some websites would have the same way to look it up but they don't give you the genuine Yamaha part number like this place does . But they have their own part number system and that's weird