Does anyone else have problems packing another rider on their FX SHO I ve...


Does anyone else have problems packing another rider on their FX SHO? I've tried a couple times but they always throw me off balance badly. Is this a common problem or just a quirk of mine?

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  • never had problems with 2 persons on my ski

  • Passengers will cause more "tilt" especially in turns but that's normal. Have them sit leaning..

  • The total weight is more relevant than the number of people aboard.

  • What Dave Million is saying is vital. Tell your passengers to stay straight

  • I haven't had any issues since the ski's got bigger. I'm 330 pounds and when I try to carry another 250 plus rider I feel some tilt at slow speeds. Give it throttle and should help with control. When docking make sure you are the one in control and tell them not to lean out to reach the dock. If you are not that good then sit tight and counter balance and let them assist. The SHO 's are big machines and very stable in the water. Yamaha improved the ride back in 2002 with a different set up and haul which was easier to control. Better sponsons also.

  • Thanks for the advice.

  • experienced this before on older 2010-11 cruiser models, it tends to lean to the left, thought i was the only one who noticed that! but if you go a bit fast it levels itself, as soon as you let go off throttle it feels like its going to roll

  • My idea of docking is simply to shove them off the bike into the water but so far I've been hesitant to try that.

  • Ours are 2015's. I also have major problems with broken body parts that are vital to stabilizing the vessel. Two tendon ruptures in L ankle with surgeries, torn Achilles in the R ankle and both need surgery. Also, both elbows have been rebuilt because the tendons blew out, I broke my back in 2010 and have major complications, and I fractured both wrists in a riding accident a kid and arthritis has set in.

    All of these problems have made me learn to sit, ride, and handle the machine with minute adjustments that are often imperceptible to anyone else. I did the same on my horse of 13 years. My ankles no longer worked in the stirrups so I rode with a stirrup less Native American suede skin that cinched on, and taught my horse verbal commands as well to respond to the slightest shift or change in my movements. We were a great team and that's why I never let anyone else ride her; your horse can be messed up in one ride by an ignorant or foolish rider.

    I think it's the same with my "water horse." I have so many adjustments that I must make to keep my balance good that a passenger makes it impossible for me to feel safe on my bike.

    But everyone is correct about the speed...faster is better. Also having a balanced, experienced rider for a passenger would be better. The ones I had had never even been on a Waverunner. They did not feel safe at any speed except no-wake, which made me feel like I was sinking. Lol

  • I have a 2013 FX SHO cruiser and yes I have the same problem with another passenger and then when I have 3 I'm totally trying to balance. The issue is the back passengers are leaning left and right to see over you and this puts the driver off balance then you're trying to counter balance. I've fallen off my ski because of this...

  • Exactly!

  • I refuse to carry even 1 passenger, let alone 3! You are a brave man, George. I've never come off of my ski or my horse luckily, but just about every major accident I've had was from something ridiculous.

    I tripped over a sprinkler in 2005, resulting in a torn tendon in my ankle, a DVT and Pulmonary Embolism after surgery, and 18 months later a gopher tunnel at my barn caved in under the same foot, blew out all the internal suturing from the previous surgery on the Longus tendon and snapped my Brevis tendon in two! 5 more hours of surgery and another year in a boot cast.

    3 years ago the Achilles' tendon in the same ankle tore and I got another hole in the Brevis tendon. At this point my surgeon from KAISER passed me on to someone else because my daughter Nicole did and his daughter was also named Nicole. He almost had a heart attack after the embolism.

    By the right ankle is pretty much destroyed from doing all the work for years. It has a tear in the Achilles as well.

    One of the gripes I have about the Yamaha FX SHO is that the foot platform is kind of narrow up front where my feet are. I wear water tennis shoes and have to tape the Hell out of my ankles so they don't roll and snap again. When I stand up I must keep my feet back farther on the platform which causes even more ankle rolling.

    My husband's ski came with a much narrower saddle (seat) which I promptly stole for my water "bike." The one mine came with was like riding with a propane tank between my legs and the cantle in back was lower and the seat flatter. He did not mind the change as he is 6'3 with very long legs and my legs are only about 26" long.

    However, after trying my seat with the narrower twist to it, he agrees that it's more comfortable. It also has a higher cantle in back, which make for a more secure ride. That seat has kept me on the bike many times when I would have otherwise come off.

    We were watching 3 girls ride a Yamaha one day when the lake was choppy. They had no clue how to ride and were hitting the waves head on, and bouncing off their seats with each hit. Just as I told my husband they were going to dump off they all went flying! We raced over to help them. The drivers leash had become tangled in the steering wheel and ripped off her arm instead of pulling the key out. I stayed with them while my husband went after their ski. They all managed to clamber back on board somehow. I told them why they wreaked and how to avoid doing it again. I don't know if they listened or not.

    I have seen people so stupid they deserved the Darwin Award out riding. A speed boat was tearing down our favorite stretch and hit something (probably a wave or wake) and the boat literally exploded. The driver was lifeflighted out and there wasn't even a greasy stain left on the water where is boat had been. It was creepy.

    Last summer 6 males drowned at our lake, two on jet skis. Not a single one was wearing a life jacket.