does anyone have issues with music cutting in and out when playing through...


does anyone have issues with music cutting in and out when playing through there Garmin or Ipod? I don't get it on every song but for example Kid Rock- all summer long. This happens when I am listing to the music loud and at higher rate of speed. I took this to the dealership and after a week of having my bike they said just my magnets are too small? I spoke to a friend that runs an auto electronics shop and said that is BS. He is thinking the speakers are not powerful enough but has to look at it.

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  • And can't seem to get it to play on the Garmin. No instruction manual came with the bike. What's the secret to play from SD?

  • I've not tried the SD card. Sorry

  • Thanks Sheila I will try that. John, I had to click which folder for the garmin to play music out of.

  • John also if you go to Garmins site you can look up the manual. its the garmin 665lm

  • Maybe Garmin has built in music critic

  • Yes,not all songs,

  • Will try and do! Thank You.

  • Are you using the SD card? If so you need to set priority to the Garmin. If I remember you hold the back arrow on the controller for around two seconds. It is in the owners manual. This sets the priority to Garmin instead of ipod. Could also be the other way around if the issue is with the ipod. I have found that a lot of the dealers don't know a lot about the new audio setup on this bike. My dealer did not know anything about it. Pretty much had to tell them how it works.

  • I've been having the same issue with mine. I use an iPod. I seems to happen when the music is turned all the way up. It just started happening recently. It's not on all songs just a select few that are loud

  • Mind doesn't shut the music off. It the GPS off. If I shut the bike off and restart it it comes back on. Just started doing this yesterday. It shuts down at about 20 miles. Any suggestions. 2013 1300 deluxe