Does anyone have recommendations on how to fix ripped seams


Does anyone have recommendations on how to fix ripped seams?

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  • Take it to an upholsterer to re sew....should be less than 100 easy

  • Take to a local upholstery shop. Have them remove cover, stretch material and double stitch it and reinstall cover.

  • Hole saw that beotch

  • duct tape......

  • not sure if you are still under warranty but i have had seats replaced under warranty on an SX210 and a waverunner

  • Put some super glue on it,

  • Discolors to yellow a bit over time….but sticks like hell. I'm at 1.5 years and still holding.

  • Super glue it. Sounds tacky but it works.

  • First time I've hear that.

    We have some separating and I don't feel like replacing them just yet.

  • I'm not sure glue is going to hold the seam in an area that gets frequent use (portside lounger/forward facing seat). My fear is that either a) there's not enough material for the glue to grip on or b) the glue does bond but rips a larger piece of vinyl due to use because the glue bond is stronger than the tearing vinyl.

  • Being a seamstress, the bond may hold for a while but, yes, it will make the retear worse

  • Best thing to do is take it to an Upholstry place and get it re stitched

    That's my best recommendations