Does anyone have the 242 limited S E series Was wondering if that new Bimini...

Does anyone have the 242 limited S E series? Was wondering if that new Bimini folds away.

Can't imagine it has to be up all the time but looks like it does not fold.!!!

  • I stood under that canopy and tried to look for ways to take it apart. It's going to be a real pain. You're better off just taking the whole frame off

  • I wonder if you can fit the old style Bimini to the new tower?

  • The fabric does come off. Takes about 15 minutes but the frame stays. There are pins you can remove to fold it down for towing so the whole frame fits in the boat.

  • If anyone bought the 242 e series and is that disappointed I'll gladly do a trade for my 2015 242ls

  • I trailer. It's a bug catcher. Ugh

  • The fabric comes off. It takes about a minute to remove and three to five minutes to put it back on. It is only two sets of buckles and one set of ratchet straps. The first and second time were a bit slower but after that it is a piece of cake. Turn the blowers on and you will be done installing about the time it is ready to start.

  • But then you are left with that huge frame! What does that look like? I'm wondering if I could get the 242 Limited E with a wake tower!!! But it only comes in blue with the white too.:( really want the black..

  • E tech so worth it

  • will you get one Sean?

  • I just bought the 2015 last year talking to my dealer hoping he can work out a deal, I doubt it tho

  • Don't like it,Maybe i could get a tower for the Limited E..

  • Two bolts should remove it but I have not tried since i think it looks pretty cool

  • I think it looks cool to when the Bimini is up, but we are in Canada lol... It's not always baking hot.. Im wondering if we would be good with the 2015 242 LS.!!

  • Hey Sean. Is it really worth it? I think you have the best looking boat. Your just missing what exactly??? Single throttle control and perfect pass! Is that it?

  • Stereo got a huge upgrade, and the throttle is huge no more adjusting if one engine is off

  • What's the likely hood of that happening on a new 2015 boat? Does it happen on yours?

  • All the time little adjustment while driving some times it runs perfect.

  • Think we may of done a deal today on a 2015 242 LS

  • Hi Sean, how does the cruise assist work? can i take it up to say 20mph? or is it just for No Wake only?

  • I'm pretty sure it's both its like cruise in a car

  • rum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=26200

    Scroll down to the long paragraph he explains it better than I ever could