Does anyone know how many candles a factory headlight puts out On the 1300...


Does anyone know how many candles a factory headlight puts out?? On the 1300 deluxe? ?

Also. Has anyone installed a led light for the headlight?

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  • Yes I am using it, worse at night then stock but brighter. Yes I installed myself. Standard socket bulb, no aiming ability (in like newer LED bulbs) got it from VLeds who are very reputable. To augment night driving I have 4-1/2" led driving lights from Grote Trilliant agricultural par 36 in yamaha light bar. I have pictures posted in this page

  • Trilliant par 36

  • So its not a great light to install??

  • The led main head light bulb does not work safely at night IMO. Driving lights shown above work very well

  • I've thought about a LED headlight, but I would have to change the modulator as well. I ordered a pair of PIAA 1100 LED driving lights, to mount on the crash bars. I figure if/when my headlight burns out , I'll still have lights. Changing the headlight requires removing the fairing, and I'm not going to be doing that on the roadside. I don't know if it all makes sense or not, but I wanted some powerful driving lights anyway. I'll post photos as soon as I get them installed.

  • ok. thats what I wanted to know. I will return the Main and purchase the running lights. Thanks.

  • Hi beam. Led bulb

  • With operations in multiple counties I put a lot of highway miles on my pickup every week and I look at every motorcycle I meet. Since we've had spurts of good weather I've been seeing bikes this spring and am thinking of how easily I see or don't see them coming. There is such a huge difference depending on headlights and driving lights. Weak single bulb headlights are almost not noticeable and bright or multiple lights make a big difference. I wonder if the riders who are so hard to see know they are almost invisible? Since I don't ride a lot after dark, I bought the driving lights for the reason of showing up the daylight.

  • Don. That was well put my friend. That great information to know.

  • Being a yamaha lover. I have always felt yamahas have poor lighting. Wife's VStar and Roady had poor visablity. She would disappear a 1/4 mile behind me. $$$$ fix everything