Does anyone know if the Garmin tyre pressure sensors go on the Tracer The...

Does anyone know if the Garmin tyre pressure sensors go on the Tracer? The Garmin bumf says they should only be fitted to metal stems, logical really. The Tracer stems are metal at the top with rubber at the bottom, but is this just a rubber boot covering the rest?

  • Yes they do. I have them. You need to change the valve stems for steel ones because the extra weight of the sensors would destroy the rubber ones. It should also go without saying that with the extra weight of the stems and the sensors will mean you'll need a fair bit of extra weight to get the wheel balanced. I got them because with commuting in and out of London punctures are an occupational hazard. I've gone through 3 tyres in 4 months.

  • I asked my dealer to fit them prior to delivery and they wouldn't. Can't remember their reasoning, something about the steel ones could snap - I guess from putting strain on the stem whilst pumping or checking pressures. Not sure that sat well with me, good to see others have fitted - might try my tyre fitment place when it time to replace tyres.

    Which Zumo you using? Been skirting the issue and trying everything to avoid changing from my 550.

  • What a crock, unless the steel ones they had were not very substantial. Sounds like they were being total jobsworths, because it is a PITA job to do. I had to pay for some workshop time because its both wheels out, tyres off and a significant rebalancing effort. Way beyond installing any other accessory. I'm using the 590LM.

  • I'm using the 590LM as well. I asked out here in Germany where the MEISTER! ( He's trained for 6 years you know?) in the Yamaha garage, shrugged his shoulders and said he didn't know. I asked an engineer MEISTER I know and he did some complicated calculations based on centrifugal forces etc and then looked at the specs of the standard Yamaha metal ones and said he would fit them. So I am going to get the steel ones fitted when I change my tyres, then fit the sensors.