Does anyone know if you can change out the fuel tank from a 50 gal to something...


Does anyone know if you can change out the fuel tank from a 50 gal to something bigger? Thanks

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  • Where are you going to put it??

  • Not to get off topic of your original intent, but how far/long do you need to go between fill ups?

  • As Matt indicated, there's no room for a bigger tank. I suppose you could put a tank in the ski locker and a transfer pump. I'd never have a need for something like that. Not to mention adding all that extra weight.

  • I haven't really thought about changing it, I was just curious I'm actually a brand new owner of a 2016 Yamaha 240 I've had it for about 2 weeks and I was just curious to see if anybody has changed their tank..i do agree with your comment about the extra weight...

  • People go from Ft. Lauderdale to the Bahamas without having to refill. I'd look for 5 gallon jerry cans that you can take with you if you need extra gas.

  • Thanks

  • I fill up about twice a season! Of course I don't put a lot of hours on mine. You can go a long way on 50 gallons.

  • A Super Siphon really helps with that!

  • Super siphon?

  • This is a question I have been looking into for a while. The best alternative is to carry a tank(s) on the swim platform, or add an auxillary tank to the ski locker. Adding the weight is a concern, but it will not over load the boat as long as you are not carrying the max number of people. Gas weighs ~6 lbs / gallon. An additional 50 gallons would be an additional 300+ lbs plus the hardware. I am in florida and we are in the Keys and go to the b\

  • ...bahamas a lot and this is where I need the extra fuel. One last, but expensive option is a collapsable fuel bladder. They work well from what I hear, but are too expensive. For now, I am strapping five 5 gallon cans on the back and using a transfer pump when the additional gas is needed. Hope this helps....

  • We went from West Palm Beach to Green Turtle Cay, in the Abaco (238 miles one way) and we had no problem with these tanks staying on. Again, this was emergency gas, as we made three fuel stops along the way.

  • Just need to be mindful of those cans in the sun. They will build pressure and balloon.