Does anyone know the size of screwdriver needed to take the floor out of a...


Does anyone know the size of screwdriver needed to take the floor out of a 230sx? I have to take it out to replace the drain port at the back but don't have the right tool to take the screws out to move the floor.

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  • The only floor that you can remove exposes the 50 gallon. Gas tank, there's no room to work around that.

  • Take a pic of the drain port that your talking about. Or find one on line.

  • R u talking about the extreme rear of the boat between the pumps? You access that thru the panel where the plug access holes for prop shaft cleaning are.

  • The rear deck where that door opens up and exposes the two plugs. Unscrew those and remove that. I posted pic's somewhere on here when I did mine last year. Maybe it was on the web page.

  • My AR230 has these square drive screws and I had no luck at Home Depot or Lowe's finding anything. Ended up not needing to pull it up in the end anyway I had lost a screw that ended up working it's way free so I could snag it. Good Luck!

  • that is a std square drive...they should have the bits near deck screws, or they will come in a dewalt kit t?NCNI-5

  • That's it, I haven't found one large enough though

  • Not sure if mine are the same, probably a different year, but I think they come in size #0 - #4, if they are too small, you may want to try a 1/4" socket drive...without a socket? and where is this drain you are changing?

  • You are right on the sizes Dave. Home Depot only had size 2 whereI live and it was way too small, good idea on the socket drive! How about a flat blade screw driver that fits inserted corner to corner?

  • I ended up grinding down a larger size to make it fit.