Does anyone know where there is a source of power under the fairing housing on...


Does anyone know where there is a source of power under the fairing housing on the 1300 Deluxe? I'm trying to hook up an AM/FM Radio.

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  • Jady, I've got it all apart, but I don't know which is the power wire and ground. Do you know what colors they are?

  • Where are you putting the head unit, Dennis?? Could you post pics when done please.....

  • It's handlebar mounted, I have the wires running up into the fairing and I've tapped into the amp for the speaker wires.

  • My service manual isn't for the deluxe. I thing the large Grey plug had a red wire. Check it with a meter for a keyed 12 volt sorce. Or use the headlight.

  • If it's handlebar mounted, I would run the power straight to the battery and add a fuse. You can follow the wire bundle under the tank straight to the battery.

  • Woild be awesome to see some step by step pictures and a final pic.

  • This is a photo of the Amplifier located under the fairing. I hooked the power wire from the radio to the first red wire on the left and the ground to the first black wire on the left. I then spliced the speaker wires. There's a light blue pair and a green pair. I soldered and crimped each pair, then covered them with heat headshrinker them. I ran the wires though the back of the amplifier box by drilling a hole in the end cap.

  • This photo shows the completed job. I cut a hole in the fairing and mounted the connector in it. You might not want to do this and will have to extend the wires to run them around the end of the fairing.

  • This is a photo of the radio mounted on the handlebars. Easy to reach and operate.

  • I like it!

  • I had to go back into the amp and redo the connections. I originally connected the radio speaker wires the orange/blue pairs on the left connector on the circuit board, but this didn't work out too well. For one thing, I couldn't control the volume with the handlebar switches, and also, it interfered with the GPS volume. Instead I connected the wires to the 3rd & 4th wires on the left side of the right connector. Oddly, I didn't have to connect the speaker ground wires for it to work. The GPS now works good, and I can control the volume from the handlebar switches. It works great if you set the radio volume up about mid way or so, then control it with the handlebar volume switches.