• Does anyone make skid plates for the bolt

    Does anyone make skid plates for the bolt??

    • Hey go on ebay and search for user docschopsllc. He hand makes them i got one from him for mine. You will have to message him and ask if/when hes making more

    • Make your own very easy.

    • Would that work on a r spec?

    • Same frame so yes. I would probably paint it with some bbq paint or get it powdercoated black but that's just me

    • I'd go with the Yamaha one. They say it won't fit the bolts, but it does.

    • They come in a finish-any-way-you-like form. I buffed mine out with a pot scrubbing pad. =)

    • I sprayed mine black. I dont have a pic right now but can take one if you like

    • Another thing to remove when changing your oil haha

    • Looked under that name and couldn't find anything. How much are they? Thanks.

    • Minh Le $95, iirc.

    • The SCR950 skid plate works on the Rspec. I have it on mine.