Does it matter if my tread is not that good in the front but the back tire...


Does it matter if my tread is not that good in the front but the back tire tread is perfect for the snow?

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  • Thats what they look like

  • They look pretty decent from the pic posted if the tires are low on tred in front it deffinitly wont steer good in the snow

  • its really just the middle that is pretty worn

  • Hows.Your alignment and tire pressure do alot of road riding ?

  • well i just got a new tie rod kit so it has perfect alignment now and the pressure is at 12 to 20 havent checked it in a while i tend to keep it higher because I take it out on the street to run it every once and a while

  • Snowmobile ski kit could be worth trying for the snow, $99 on eBay plus the price of skis

  • Tires are worn in the middle because of high air pressure. Take out some air and it will be fine

  • thanks for the tip Douglas Miller and do you think i should buy new tires or there is no need?

  • They look fine for a while. I'd use them up until spring., then maybe look to buy a set unless you can find someone on here with a good deal now. That is if you don't mind buying used. I've seen some pretty nice tires on here for dirt cheap over the cost of new, that I would buy if I thought I was going to need a set soon.

  • yea ive gotten a set of rear stock gold yamaha warrior rims with some maxxis tires that had 80% tread life for 70 dollars lol