Does the Yamaha mini apes require longer cables hoses like the website claims


Does the Yamaha mini apes require longer cables/hoses like the website claims? Or can the factory ones work?

Pic for attention/reference

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  • Yes

  • Yes to they'll fit or yes you need to replace them? Lol

  • I would be interested to know also!!

  • I bought these bars and I upgraded my cables I went to sscustoms and got the Barron +2" kit and I got black cables

  • Look up the video on YouTube

  • You'll need extended cables

  • Evan Lewicki and the +2" cable had enough play for the mini apes? And did it come with brake hose also?

  • Shawn Ferguson honestly I ordered them like dec 15 or something like that and I'm still waiting for them to come in the mail but I'm up in Canada eh

  • Evan Lewicki oh ok.

  • Shane Scalpi, care to weigh in here?

    Also, if I wanted to fit these with Barons cables, would I order +2" or the one for 8" apes or something else?

  • Yes you will.

  • I order the +2

  • Rowan Sorry unsure, we don't carry the factory accessories so we haven't done any fitment for them.

  • Oh right. Thanks anyway Shane Scalpi

  • The mines are cool