Done 760miles at the weekend but I m having a real problem with the seat after...


Done 760miles at the weekend but I'm having a real problem with the seat after the first 100 miles I end up with num bum at the end of the run I could only manage 50miles or so

can you get a after market seat

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  • Try other trousers or underwear.

  • You could try Airhawk Cruiser Small, it saved my trip from Sundsvall, Sweden to Wienna, Austria and back a couple years ago.

  • Send your seat to Tony archer in Huddersfield get some gel pads in there

  • From time to time you must stand up to let the blood flow normally...helps the joints also :)

  • What Anders said. I have an Airhawk. Mashed my sciatic nerve and could only sit on one cheek for 6 months. Couldn't do long trips without it now.

  • I can sell you my Airhawk if you are interested, half retail price (postage included).

  • How old is it, Anders?

  • Well, I used it in 2011 when I went down to the FIM-Rally in Tulln outside it´s five years old an used for about 3000 km on that trip. I bought it for about 175 UAD, how about 75 AUD including postage?

  • I feel your pain. Had my bulldog 14 years and still not got used to the seat. Did 2000 mies in one week two weekks ago and had to do many stops. One day I will sort the seat out. I have got a 3500 mile trip coming up in aug/sept and my arse is not looking forward to it.

  • Australian dollars?

  • Oh, sorry...was a little tired, I check the nationality of Kevin not you. 40 GBP

  • Well, let Kevin have first refusal

  • Thanks Helen called tony sending my seat to him on Monday

  • You also could buy a nice seat at

  • 3500 miles. Where are you headed Jake?

  • Yes Ernst, I am travelling from my home in Italy to the north west of England to see family and friends. Then to the Ace Cafe for the Rockers / Brighton run, then set off for home. Not directly as we are visiting various places on the way back.

  • Sounds great. As I am preparing my dog (and myself) for my first 2k+ km trip in july, what tips do you have regarding the bulldog ? You made long trips like this on this bike already ?

  • Yes , every year we do the Bulldog meeting, 1500km +. Longest trip was 8800km in 2007 around Italy. No tips really, but never ride too far in one go. Rest stops, even if only 5 minutes are good. Have the end of the day destination always planned. Give the Bulldog a service, make sure the tyres and brakes will last the journey. Enjoy the trip.