Done Think I spent a grand total of 500 on the build Most expensive part was...


Done! Think I spent a grand total of £500 on the build. Most expensive part was the progressive springs

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  • Dave Levine !!!!

  • Stunning fella, Truly stunning.

  • Amazing, love this... the black work is cracking... wish I had the skill to do some of it haha! Especially things like the fork legs and headlight... just little touches :)

  • Looks great , the rear wheel looks mean as funk almost like it's off the batmobile or something !! Really like this mod !!

  • Nice work

  • Your bike looks very interesting, I'm just nosy how to ride with, because of this upper position. You've got a photo or video?

  • That looks really nice

  • That's cool. Well done

  • I did a 30 mile ride yesterday and rode well. I'll try and get the seating position photo sorted at some point

  • Came out great man..rad look..what's the belly pan off?

  • It's a harley 883 pan. Fits perfectly

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