Dropped a set of these on the FZ6R. Unbelievable


Dropped a set of these on the FZ6R. Unbelievable!

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  • What the prices

  • well the currency changes every day comparing with the US dollar so aproximately the Rosso II will cost US$ 145 160/60/17, the same one but 180/55/17 is around US$ 116, those prices include shipping and installation because they are distributed by national dealers, none of them have IIIs so I have no idea of local prices

  • I paid 266 for both plus 78 install

  • Whoa that's a high price for instalation, here including balancing and stuff will cost not more than US$ 15 per wheel, that's why our people insist to emigrate to USA so badly, you earn 5 times more for the same task.

  • Well i paid $499 free installation lol

  • importing from usa approximately cost 145 + 115 both tyres, around + 240 import costs including taxes and finaly 30 installing them so the total is US$ 530, after a month or more of waiting is not that far from your costs, but really expensive compared buying here, the buying level in USA is radically different.

  • Go with the 2s

  • Keep it 160

  • 160 is good for the twisties lol

  • Yeah, I think that I'll keep 160, if 180 hurts the bike performance is a no go for me, despite the looks that are awesome, unfortunately the FZ6R or XJ6F (mine) are so unpopular here, so there is no much way to see another bike like this around.

  • 170 is key

  • that is what is plenty here, most of our cities are located in the mountains, a 1/4 mile straight sections in roads are extremely rare here.