During yesterday s commuting to work my turn signal stopped working Emergency...


During yesterday's commuting to work, my turn signal stopped working. Emergency lights also doesn't wanted to turn on. I thought - fuse !. I reached the place, turned off the engine and once again put the key. Turn signals started working again. Someone had similar problems?

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  • Yes. I had exactly same problem. Do you use LED blinkers? if so, then one of them might be causing short circuit. It happened to me after replacing stock ones with yamaha genuine led ones.

  • No, I have stock blinkers, nothing new connected to bike lately. But it was cold, so I set heated grips(yamaha) to max, also tomtom rider was attached.

  • ok. Mine started doing that without burning fuse, but eventually they did. I found that the fuse responsible for blinkers is not the one as per user manual, but the one for parking lights or something like that. Located under right side fairing panel.

  • Normally the ignition key is not fully on when this happens

  • Ian Taylor beat me too it. It's normally the ignition key not fully turned on. I've done it a couple of times.

  • Well... it looks like a problem with ignition key hole? How it is possible to turn the ignition key inproperly since there is just one position? I have to check If it is possible. Or maybe the key is moving during ride? If it's an issue maybe replace sth on guaranty can be made?

  • Normally happens with heavy bunch of keys and the inertia pulls on the key

  • You need to be positive with the action. It seems that you can be just off of fully turned and the bike will happily run but without the indicators working. Don't think they would cover under warranty.

  • Happened to me once. Thought it was a fuse. After restart everything was OK. I think it was the switch not properly on.

  • But all other things, except turn signals work well. The indicators work normally.

  • No additional keys attached - other keys/remotes are traveling in a pocket

  • Yep... You're correct.

  • Happened to me a couple of times just turned ignition off an on and it sorted it.