Dyno does the air temp make a difference Took a trip to Projex in Cradley...


Dyno - does the air temp make a difference? Took a trip to Projex in Cradley Heath (they all speak like Bushy there!). My spare engine is making more outright BHP than my preferred race engine. Both run on the same dyno but one in at 10.8 deg C and one at 16.3 deg C. Cheers

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  • It's not just about outright power. Power delivery and over rev count massively as well.

  • And air temp does make a difference. Cold air is denser so you get a bigger bang for your buck

  • so air pressure was 992.6mBar for warmer run and 1003.7mbar for the colder run. Interesting stuff

  • The dyno has an inbuilt weather station which compensates for the effects of weather conditions. It should say on the print out somewhere what that correction factor (c/f) is which compensates for denser air etc.

  • It's not always how much peak power an engine makes, it's more about how it makes it. I'd swop a peak hp for two in the midrange any day, drive is king

  • It's all about the Area under the curve said the engineer... Torque as well Mark

  • Just pin it!

  • Two very different curves. Will wait to see what happens when I put the race engine through the Dyno again. I was thinking area under the curve above 7500 or 8000 as that should be where it spends the most time.

  • Pin it and keep it pinned! :-) Unless it's a Farnham powered argumentative LC in which case that advice can end in tears and disappointment .

  • Oh yes. The force is strong in that one

  • Steve Higerty never had a problem with mine

  • This one likes a row lol There is some video of Rik Ballerini trying to stay on this season that beggars belief!

  • Depends on where it makes its peak and where it starts to make its power Mark. No point having a good peak if there is no torque and power to get it there.