Ear plugs

Ear plugs !!

The best addition for the Tracer.

Rode to see my mum today, a hour of nice a/b roads then a hour on the A303/M3,ear plugs in as normal,no worries with excess noise.

Threw them away when I got there,not realising id forgotton the 2nd pair for the return trip......

Bloody hell,what a difference,its deafening with out ear plugs,my ears were ringing by the time I got home !!

THATS why ive just payed for some custom made ear plugs plus ive put some of the cheap foam ones in my jacket incase I ever lose them,im not riding anywhere without them again.

If you dont use them,try them,you'll be surprised with the difference I think.

  • I never ride any bike without earplugs,as necessary bit of kit as any.

  • Can never keep them in so don't bother now

  • I've got an akrapovic so can't ride without

  • With the akrapovic on it's too dam loud without earplugs. Mind you I haver seen so many drivers move out of the way when I,m filtering down the A 13, even the missus commented on that when she was on her XJ6

  • The sound is awesome ☝

  • Rode mine with earplugs in yesterday, made a big difference, never needed them before on any other bike I've had, looks like it's the way to go

  • Quick tip. If you go to your local spec savers they have boxes of free earplugs you can help yourself to and they are not bad.