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  • I have this same problem in my FJ - new bearrings in front wheel new oil in front suspension and nothing...:( what is this? My tire Michelin PilotRoad2.

  • FastJota Alf, you need to try the RPM front fork valves, that problem will go away. I used to have the same issue on my front tire. Here is Pilot Power 3 tire I took off with 8000 miles on it before the winter months.

  • I made it and dont help oil and simmerring and nothing...what's up?

  • FastJota Alf here is my Pilot Road 4 after last winter before the summer PP3 tire above. this tire has almost 12k on it. RPM fork valves work and the tires last much longer.

  • Te Cecha if the tire is already cupped you cannot do anything with that tire. If you have wear of the fork bushings that can cause the wobble. Also a RPM fork brace helps stiffen up the front end.

  • Go slow, ;)

  • Steve Jpnes in mainland Spain, with more straight roads, the problem is not so pronounced: around 8.000 kms. in my FJ front Roadsmart or cupped MZ 8s like your tyres in my FZ 750 with 7.000 kms. In my Fazer 600 a couple of Pilot Roads lasted 4.000 kms here in Tenerife. The problem is that I like to take curves ;)

  • Fork bushings is ok ...i controlled it when I change oil in fork...:( two tires I killed... - Pirelli Diablo strada and now PR2...and still I don't know where is problem maybe central bearrings in frame?

  • me too, my daily commute to work includes a mountainous set of twisties that for about 35 miles one way...I get to do that everyday on the way to work and back home. I used to get low mileage out of my tires, but since I changed over to RPM suspension the tires have almost tripled the miles. ARPMForkValve ARPMShock%2891-95%29