Finally got my bike running and i went out for a little trip today


Finally got my bike running and i went out for a little trip today. :)

Still having some problems with the lights.. but hopefully i will have that sorted out soon.

Greetings from Denmark.

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  • If you expect an answer from me, you will have to try in english, sorry, translator is not working too well :)

  • Surely it is the ceramic resistance , is an electrical device that goes under the gas tank and regulates the voltage of the bike. On the other hand , I put a comment on the covers of the bike , which are very clean to be in the mud

  • The bike has been staying inside my apartment for over 14 days, since i bought it - the ignition lock was faulty and caused problems, i took this picture today, it's my first real picture of the bike, so i wanted to do it before i went in the mud with it - i'm not experienced with riding in off-road terrain so i thought it would be cool to have a photo of the bike before a potential crash :D

    I've heard from another member of the group that the voltage regulator or the 'coils' could be the problem.

    My lights are barely working, speedometer-rpm lights, neutral, high beam, oil, headlight, break light, seems like they work when i drive the bike at with a lot of throttle applied, but it's not very stable even if i do so.

  • Excelente!!

  • Gracias :D

  • Nice!

  • Thanks! :))