Finally got round to fitting my trusty rear cam works a charm


Finally got round to fitting my trusty rear cam, works a charm....

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  • The beauty of this cam is that the lens is separate from the body. As you can see I put the lens under my top box rack. The main unit is stored under the pillion seat. There's then a separate USB cable powering it from the 12v. I've fed all the cables under the fake carbon. Wiring a bit shabby whilst I'm testing but will neaten it up once I'm happy with the positioning

  • I'll post some footage up when I next go for a blast

  • What's the make/model number. I have one but it's given up the ghost. I prefer the seperates and powered from the bik with the recorder box under the seat.

  • are you using any special 12V adapter? or any would do..

  • not for the camera but for charging a phone..

  • Any will do as long as it charges at 1amp, unless you are powering something big from it, e.g. an iPad, that will need 2.1amps

  • its a 2.4A. Thanks mate

  • i was a bit concern in a rainy day..

  • I use an Innovv C3.

    Prices on eBay are a joke (around £100). I bought mine for £60 from GearBest but even they have put the price up... it's a good cam for what I paid - waterproof (the lens), 1080p30 and it's good quality l

  • Yes I'm concerned for rain but I will just use a small plastic food bag with an elastic band

  • Thanks, just what I'm looking for and well over half the price I paid for mine a couple of years ago - supposed to have been waterproof but wasn't :(.

    Be good to see your video, not sure 90 or 120deg.

  • I went for the 120, thought 90 may be just too narrow.

    On a side note, if you download the gearbest app you'll get another £14.53 off the price bringing it down to £75

  • Like the stickers on the tank, where did yo get them Martin

  • & side panels

  • They were on every panel when I bought the bike. Think the decal kit is made by Moto Grafix (or a similar name). I took some of them off as it was a bit too 'Tron' looking for my liking. I kept the ones around the tank and sides as that's where rubbing is most likely to occur. Have to admit, they're excellent quality!

    Here's a pic when them all on, they were even above the headlights and in the small gap between the lights.

  • looks nice, did you buy new

  • No, bike was a year old with 6k miles

  • Ok. Stickers set the bike off

  • Yeah it's certainly different

  • Just tried looking for the sticker set you have to no avail

  • Yeah I can't find it either, nearest set i could find is these but in crap colours...

    Decoration Kit Blue Edition - Yamaha MT-09 Tracer - Non _cp_api_jhb7xb1ND3SSV

  • Very tidy, it records on to a memory card?

  • Looks ok on the grey bike

  • Yes, micro sd

  • Savage job, will have to invest in one, cheers bud.

  • Bas van Damme