Finally New blinkers installed I must say this new tag bracket mod took a lot...


Finally , New blinkers installed. I must say , this new tag bracket mod took a lot more time and money than I had planned , lol.....

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  • Thanks. I didn't get the ones that stay on as running lights. Just signals. Factory were not running lights. Always so hard to figure out what's going to look good , work and fit.

  • I agree, are those the kury mini bullets?

  • Blinkers really were not even part of my budget. Put licence plate bracket on and factory blinkers hit bags. I modified them and they still didn't work

  • Yes they are Joe Gonzalez

  • So are mine, mine are also running and I love the way they shine so bright. Helps the cagers spot u!

  • I had my tire (250) chew thru the wires once and had to rewire the whole thing! That wasn't fun, for a minute nothing worked right! Not an electrician so I had to get help! Lol

  • Looks good. Probably should have got them,. Maybe later down the line. Like I said I really was focused on them at the time. I just bought tag bracket,New mustang seat,fork covers,cover for frame,rear axle bolt and new cobra floorboards to match my front. My mind and money were spent,lol

  • Wow, that sucks. I had a friend give me a hand as well. Had to ground housings,change led plugs around, rewire into factory wiring with equalizer and reground. Your big looks good. I can't wait till weather gets better here so I can ride

  • I got a quick ride to the gym, not bragging but south Texas weather is beautifull this time a year! 60-70s!

  • My 250 did the same thing. Routed that shit so THAT wont happen again.

  • Welcome to the phat tire club! Lol

  • Mines been on over a year, bout time for a new one.