• Finished the LEDs on the bike. I can change the lights any color. 2 zones

    Finished the LEDs on the bike. I can change the lights any color.... 2 zones..... for 2 different colors. Step on the break and they all turn red.... controlled from my smart phone.

    • About 300 for 15 strips and 15 pod lights. About half a day. I spent the extra time hiding all the wires and finding the brake wire to hook up. They sell a 10 strip and 10 pod that is cheaper. It works using the smart app on the phone. The brake feature was important to me though.

    • I wanted the extra pods for under the frame. It really lights it up. Comes with all the wiring and various lengths.

    • I tucked one in the back light area too. So when it is parked the back light looks lit up with the LEDs

    • Got about 25 or 26 XKGLOW pods/strips on mine. it's the old 7 color setup. you'll be able to light up the front tire real night if you glue/epoxy 2 on each side on the legs of the fender pointing at 4 and 7 o'clock. Looks good though man!

    • I bought the new XKGlow setup while it was still on kickstarter. Its going to go on my new Victory though. Pretty psyched to see all the new features. But I want to do the install right and take my time.

    • They are cool. You can even dim the lights, if you want a settle glow.

    • Haha, not in my nature

    • Lol

    • Thanks for the info

    • I have the xkglow kit too...how do I set the controller to perform the brake/red function?

    • Out of the controller box there is a red wire..... connect that to the yellow brake wire of the bike.