Finnaly have my numbers on


Finnaly have my numbers on.

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  • Looks cool, reminds me of this.....

  • matches your boat's goolish figure.

  • Looks nice, just keep in mind that depending on your local laws, the water police may harass you one day about them. Here in Florida, the law (which nobody knows) states the numbers must be block letters (no fancy fonts) and solid color that contrasts the hull color. I used to have the ones that "faded" from one color to the other and eventually got stopped over them. I think it's silly because as long as you can read them, that's what matters, but just a heads up.

  • Yeah, those will never fly with the local authorities, especially if you get one thats having a bad day...

  • That was my first thought as well, here in WI we have regulations on our fonts.

  • All states have them...

  • Nice