First coat finished I ll update more tomorrow The stormtrooper bike is in...


First coat finished. I'll update more tomorrow. The stormtrooper bike is in full effect.

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  • Cool

  • Thanks. Still have another coat plus a clear coat.

  • Been seriously thinking about doing this myself

  • Can't wait to see how she looks

  • Clear coat is drying now. I'll have finished pictures tomorrow.

  • Early morning tease.

  • #2

  • The reason I didn't paint the exhaust shields it because I have the ss custom drag pipes on the way!!!!!

  • The scotch blue painters tape decided to take off some of the intake cover paint. Time for a new intake and fuel controller! Haha

  • WD 40 and a rag may take it off

  • Its not residue from the tape. The tape took the black paint off.

  • Steven Paul Borchert ohhhh ! Shitty.