FIRSTLY LOOK AT MY NAME South American name secondly English is my second...


FIRSTLY LOOK AT MY NAME^^^^^ South American name , secondly English is my second language . coming back from Parramatta heading to home to Merrylands via great western hwy, already on reserve gas station 400 m down on the left saw "no one" around road goes from 60 to 80 km/h 2 wide hwy lanes and a bus lane on left NOT BUS ONLY LANE!!! I moved into the bus lanes at the traffic light which where red and then green I take off I saw a police car behind me lighting me up but no sirens I IGNORE HIM so I pull up in the servo and one (cop car) behind me and a random undercover pulls up at the pump opposite me this guy he comes over and try's to kill my life !! I tried treating him with respect by calling him pipper cause he had a crown on his shoulder the other two cop's fresshy's.

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