Fix something and another goes bad Replaced my blown rear shock cause the...


Fix something and another goes bad. Replaced my blown rear shock cause the original has nicks and tears up seals. Excited to try it out and it decided to quit running. Intermittent spark and the starter quit. Did some diagnosis and found I have a bad neutral relay. Ok, now the starter works again but still no spark. Did a stator check and getting 155 ohms on one and 172 on the other. Also find that 2 inches out of the stator cover, the plastic covering the wiring is melted and a couple wires were possibly touching. Arrgghhh!!! I just want to ride!!

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  • Start replacing stuff suchs as source coil pickup coil and ignition coil.

  • Dayum

  • Yeah I need to pull it off and check it again. I'm just hoping my cdi didn't get damaged. My brother had a 2002 I'll check the cdi on. That's how I know the relay is shot.