Fixing to buy a new SxS Sold my Grizzly and looking at the Viking 700 and the...


Fixing to buy a new SxS. Sold my Grizzly and looking at the Viking 700 and the wolverine. What are the pluses and minuses of each? It will be a work horse plus enjoyment ride. Will the Viking have the power and grunt to be fun and will the wolverine have the bed space and room that I want? Hard choice lol. I like the 3 seats and big bed of the Viking but I really like the sporty look and feel the wolverine offers. Any bad things to say about either from people who own them?

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  • Perry Starr

  • 3 seater Viking I'd say...

  • Viking all the way I use mine all the time around the house and does awesome love all the bed room

  • I own a wolverine and my buddy has a Viking on 30s with JBS sheave and slug kit. He has no problem keeping up.

  • Bone stock my viking pulled my samurai out of a hole (buried the rear axle) and up a hill (sammi was not running) in 4 low diff lock. Makes plenty of power!

  • Viking.

  • Really like the wolverine

  • A lot of people confuse power and speed.

  • I have the viking and love it! Bought the center console, put in a subwoofer, stereo, and light bar. I ride sand dunes (the BIG ones give me some problems so I go around, but as far as work, it CAN'T be beat! I've never had any trouble on trails and the winch just completes it. Windshield is next on the list.

  • I got the viking due to the dump bed, and I can throw my 2 year old and his car seat in the middle and I don't feel bunched up. If you have a kid or kids, I'd go viking, but if it's always just you, and you don't need a dump bed, is consider the wolverine.

  • I went and drive both today. Both are nice. The Viking seemed alittle down on power but so did the wolverine. Yamaha needs to get a bigger power plant for SxS. But I was shocked how smooth both rode, the wolverine alittle smoother but the Viking was great also. I think I'm going to get the wolverine with camo and 3000 pound winch. I like having the extra ground clearance and power. Very comfortable also

  • Upgrade the winch too 4000lb or's worth the few extra dollars. .Talking from experience. .

  • I'll do that. I was thinking a 3500 at least but if it won't pull up a hill it won't be no good lol

  • I've got the warn 4500..and it's never let me down in mud slush or snow. .