Flip helmets


Flip helmets.....

What you all got?! Haven't got the biggest budget, around £250-300

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  • Interesting link Dave, didn't realize that so many of the helmets gave such poor results for the side impact tests.

  • Thanks for the input chaps.

    David - I presume poor results for side impact would stem from the lack of rigidity on a flip helmet, a bit like a convertible car

  • Nearly half of the flip helmets tested get at least 4 stars out of 5. So if you accept 4* as good enough you have over 40 models to choose from. Just avoid the clunkers with fewer than 4!

  • Shark Evo line. One the only makes that allows u to have visor down and Chin Guard sits flush back of helmet not stuck above head!

  • Cavern duke for the win

  • This will be my third caberg flip lid , 2nd Duke when I get round to ordering it ... I ride probably near to 250 days a year and get about 3 years out of it .. being flip front it will start to get a bit noisy after a lot of open close operations , comes pin lock ready and is the only one on the market , last time I checked , that you can legally use in the open position , oh , has built in flip down sun visor which has a central button right on top making it easy to flip up or down with either gloved hand ....

  • Agv compact not bad, but try a few

  • many are now dual homologate under ECE 2205 as a full face/jet helmet - some examples here plus details of what to look for on the labels http://billyscrashhelmets.co.uk/tag/dual-homologat ed/

  • Ian, I stopped using my Caberg Duke due to windnoise how do you find it, was happy with it till I got the Tracer mind you so think it's the screen/fairing, what screen you got again?

  • Was perfect when new , that's why I look to change after a few years tho as does get noisy after much use , but I can get this lid for 140 quid , get new instead of new visor after a couple of years and give it to the fire bobbies ... I've got the 50cm ermax , blustery but looks good

  • I did say last time I checked

  • Cheers Ian, yes found mine was good for say 3 months then windnoise got really bad when back to a full face( pain in the arse at Garages etc, and now thats starting to get noisey as well. Problem I think I have with the Duke is I'm in between a medium and a large the Large is just right new but the medium is a little too tight so went for a large but it's now a little too big and hence the wind noise.

  • Here's one from Leftfield the Aldi. Lidl flip helmets, £40 pretty comfortable not Sharp Rated as they can't ever but enough in the range of sizes, but I've used one and been well impressed, though would say it's a yearly replacement.

  • Andy I nearly went for that but the chin protection looked minimal with no draft proofing! It prob the only one that offers a modular type product i.e. Full open face and some chin protection! But got the impression chin protection wouldn't hold up if it was the first thing to hit the tarmac.

  • In addition to my other post I came off last Monday 2 up and my daughter was wearing the frank Thomas flip front first thing to hit the tarmac was the chin protection and it held up no problem! Well under your budget too!

  • Yes but instead of the normal Pull down movement this helmet includes actually pulling the chin guard towards the face until it Clicks into Locked position?? I have 2,Sharks . Got the second non flip coz I liked the flip version so much!

  • Certainly worth trying one or having a look on YouTube? Good luck. Eye

  • yeah I tried it on as I said nearly went for it and although the chin guard clicks still don't think I'd trust it! That's the only reason I went for the agv although I do prefer the look of the shark

  • Can't go wrong with Agv..great crash hat!

  • Might add the full face for the winter!!

  • Love my Roof Boxer. Not got the dark visor inserts that some have, but it fits me very well & looks cool as. . . .

  • I chuck a balaclava on to stop the noise in the winter ...and to make it fit better when I shave my head !! ...