Folks as there was some good posts on how to keep that expensive Tracer bike...

Folks, as there was some good posts on how to keep that expensive Tracer bike & all its bits protected etc I thought this may help. Photo of engine block just behind wheel of my very recently departed 1200GSA and those disc nuts that always rust. Previous owner my neighbour John who I bought it off, was a bit mad about cleaning but this is the result of using ACF 50 etc religiously . Bike was 2011 & this was taken 4 weeks ago, after good clean & reapplication again. So really just to say, whether its ACF or something else well worth spending a few £'s.

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  • That is amazingly clean. Just an opinion of my own I thing Auto Glym Motorcycle cleaner is an excellent product. I have used it for some time,it is expensive but gets the job done. I have also used Muck off which i dont rate as very good.

  • I use ACF50, but I'm never sure how often to reapply it. Any advice?

  • I used finger wipe method to be honest, but each time it was cleaned it got a quick spray especially on exposed bits. Used cotton buds on screws etc around discs, kept in jar etc, took minutes.

  • Well slap me sideways! Impressive!

    Good job I ordered some last night :-)

  • Excuse my stupidity but is ACF50 for cleaning or just prevention

  • Well I would be applying mine today, as right now I'm supposed to pickup my new bike, but Lincolnshire being Lincolnshire, it still bloody raining thick heavy drizzle Grrrr.

  • Acf is protection after cleaning