For the guy who wanted to see my chain weld


For the guy who wanted to see my chain weld.

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  • lolololol ! i wonder why they dont put a sort of tierod in between the two from factory to prevent spontaneous faceplants. Seems like an obvious thing to do.

  • Because they expect people to actually change them and not be a massive dumbass and run them till they pop out.

  • They also expect people to use cotter pins

  • Lol

    I learned my lesson at least.

    Pretty sure I got everything squared away with the warrior now. 4 trips and no breakage. Woot!

  • I heard from a birdie u broke at the mounds

  • Chain popped off. I forgot about that.

    Broke off the remainder of my case but there is no oil leakage so I'm not worried about it.

  • You should come buy this lower end I have then lol

  • How much?

    I think I'm going to just grind it flat and weld a new piece of aluminum in.

    Let me know the next time you guys are riding! I have a actual trailer and 2 working quads now... Lol

  • $100 needs crank. Trans works and case not cracked

  • Eh, I might just go the weld it route. If I didn't get laid off I'd jump on that offer, but I'm running a bit low on cash right now. Thanks for the offer though.