for those of you that have the 1300 deluxe what are the pros and cons of this...


for those of you that have the 1300 deluxe. what are the pros and cons of this bike

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  • Best cruiser for the money in the market, in my opinion. I traded a 2014 Harley in on one and don't regret it in the least. It does everything really, really well. Sure, you can get bikes with more power, or more features like cruise control, etc, but you will spend 2X the money. I'll have mine for a long time. I added Memphis shades lowers and oem highway bars with wind deflector covers, and there is no buffeting. I'm so relieved after battling buffeting on my last two bikes for years. It's extremely comfortable. Planning the iron but challenge in a week or two.

  • Pros: price. Price. Price, Garmin Zumo MP3-NAV-Satellite system, locking hard bags.

    CONS: no 6th gear

  • No complaints here Bill. I picked mine up last fall. It's a '14 model. I really just started riding it. I have about 4000 miles on it. All good miles. Plenty of power. Great balance. They look great as well. And it's a Star/Yamaha. No tools required. Just turn the key and they go and go and go.......LOL

  • The only con I think most of us would agree with is the location of the ignition.

  • And that is not really a big deal.

  • Karen, that space is just perfect. I velcroed my garage door opener to the top. Plenty of room to reach the key without hitting it. And vice versa. But you're right. The first time I thought WTH???

  • I have a 2013 with about 9500 miles on it. I put a cobra slip- on muffler and I just order a Corbin seat. Really the only thing a wish it had was a electronic cruise control. Other than that I've been very happy with it.

  • I changed out the rear spring for a progressive spring for better support when riding two up. I added a 90 degree valve stem on the rear tire to make it A LOT easier check the rear tire pressure and add air. Otherwise, I love the fit and handling of the bike.

  • Memphis Shades lowers eliminated buffeting

  • Put a Power Commander and an LA Chopper air intake on it and it has more than enough power.