For those of you who changed out your oem carb for a zoom zoom carb what did...


For those of you who changed out your oem carb for a zoom zoom carb, what did you do with the piston valve and jet needle? The new zoom zoom carb is a different setup that works off of one throttle cable and has the piston valve connected to the throttle cable. My old OEM carb has the throttle cable which splits to two cables that goes into the OEM carb.

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  • If you have a dual cable then someone either changed your carb or you dont have 97

  • Thats old school. You can open the box and take out the cable ya dont need and put back together. Done it before. Put 98 carb on an 88.

  • As of now my throttle cable seems stiffer than it should be. I guess being super old doesn't help. If I order a throttle cable for a 2000 warrior this should be a single cable that goes from the throttle to the carb and deletes that splitter?

  • Yes

  • I just disconnected the other cable. Works great and the throttle feels much better without the spring pushing against the piston valve. I'm calling it good enough.

  • Cool

  • I did the same thing on my 89 so much better

  • I'm in the process of piecing this bike back together. I noticed it's missing a chain tensioner or guide on the frame. Does anyone know what this exact piece is called that I seem to be missing?

  • If you want a roller that will last get one of these TM Designworks bearing chain rollers for the lower roller since the chain always runs on the lower roller those all balls don't last long on the lower roller.

    upper roller hardly ever touches the chain