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My '09 with '03 r6 headers and eBay "gp slip on". I've decided to sell the bike unfortunately but I know some people wanted an exhaust clip so here ya go. It's insanely loud and for any ride longer than 30 minutes I would wear ear plugs. Cell phone video so take it as is lol

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  • Gp slip? Got a link?

  • I got the same one if you tyupe in r6 gp slip on it comes right up

  • Did you do any of the following air box mod, block off plates, k&n air filter, or power commander?

  • Just the K&N high flow filter brother

  • As Mike said below just type in whatever year headers you have followed by r6 gp slip on.

  • I did everything I listed and at low RPM it sounds the same as yours but anything above 6 I get a different pitch. I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes the gp sound

  • Does it become more of a whiny sound? This one gets a little higher pitched at higher rpm but only slightly

  • Here's the video I took of it

  • I have a M4 map for a R6 loaded on my power commander. I'm actually dropping it off in a few weeks for a friend to tune it at his garage. I'll let him make a custom map

  • Yours actually sounds crisper and healthier so I'm pretty sure (with my non mechanical knowledge) that it's from the mapping. Once you get it custom mapped it'll probably change it

  • I noticed just flipping between the 2 brothers map and a few others it makes a big difference. I know the air box mod and the block off plates help a tremendous amount.

  • Have you had it topped out? I'm just curious what the top speed is with mods. With just the exhaust mod I've had it up to 135, I think I could've gotten to 136-7 if I didn't have to get off the gas

  • ahhhh I wish lol. Pittsburgh is nothing but hills and bends. I've been up to 130 and knew I had some more but then my buddy on his zx10r blew right past me and that killed my spirits for that day

  • Hahaha what a dick

  • My bike is completely stock and it tops out at 136. No more