From Charlotte NC Craigslist

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  • That is waaaaaaaay to expensive

  • Just passing it along...

  • Looks like a solid bike to me.

  • Spent months rebuilding it and it still doesn't have an air box or complete set of plastics. I wonder what else it is missing that you won't find until you do a full tear down (ie worn out bearings, butchered electrical). That bike is worth $500 tops.

  • Just added up half of that list and it comes to more than $500. ^ that logic is only for purists.

  • I didn't ask to have my craigslist ad posted up here, but since it was, I'll say that I do have the side covers. I'm amazed that out of all of that, you're worried about a piece of injection molded plastic that you can buy from DC plastics. But yes I have them.

  • I want that for my 81 or I'll ride the piss outta it