• From GWRRA site. New Ma. bike insp. rules

    From GWRRA site. New Ma. bike insp. rules

    Exhaust... Motorcycle muffler(s) must minimize noise and be functioning properly. It will be rejected if, the bike has cut-outs or bypass of baffle plates, screens, or other original internal parts that have been removed and not replaced. If a tailpipe is pinched or restricted or if the exhaust system components are not securely fastened with proper clamps/hangers. Lastly, the bike will be rejected if there is a straight pipe (none are allowed). The Registry defines Unnecessary Noise as "any noise which is louder than that emitted by the motorcycle with original manufacturer muffler and exhaust system equipment."

    Handlebars.... The height of the grips cannot be higher than the operator’s shoulder level when they are seated on the bike. Additionally, a minimum of 18 inches is required between grip ends.