FYI don t think Yamaha is the only one that doesn t cover stuff

FYI don't think Yamaha is the only one that doesn't cover stuff

  • I had Polaris for most of my life, and will never buy another. They sell great looking products that don't last. I don't beat anything, just ride hard. No mudding, at all. Still would spend 800 a year average just on valve adjustments, that's just bullshit

  • Can am voids warranties of theirs mud over the floorboards, even the highlifter ones. Polaris does it too. Yamahas where it's at.

  • Yamaha also voids warranties but they did fix it once so that paid its self off there but the crack case is something they can't admit they did wrong bc then they would have to make a recall that would cost them way to much so I get it there saving there ass I can't blame them I would to if I was them lol other than that it's been solid

  • Best extended warranty in my eyes is money in my pocket I won't ever buy another extended warranty just my personal opinion

  • thats on all brands lol

  • I'm gonna disagree. I worked in a multi line dealer, polaris sucks compared to everybody.

  • Maybe but I personally will never buy another extended warranty

  • Don't be afraid to take them to court and sue them.

  • To much trouble I figured I learn from it

  • That's why companies continue get get away with this shit.No body stands up to them.