fz16 My black baby have get 115km hr while I drive in single but I have drive...

fz16 ,,,,,, ,,,,My black baby have get 115km/hr while I drive in single , but I have drive friend back I have not reach that speed ,, it's probably goes down 99km/hr ,,, tell me that why the speed have decreased

  • That the day I have taken my bike to showroom they tell me that , the weighted person could drive , you weightless person have seated back on him then u have test your topspeed ,,,,

  • In the highway only I tested my top speed ,,,,,

  • I have left my baby to service ,,,, that I tell them check all problems and clear that everthing ,,,, but I have not know that what the problem is @ Ajit Vishwakarma

  • The Wight will spread on 2 wheels..other wise rear tyre will get full of that person Wight..

  • Also tell them to check the chain of your bike...

  • I change everything that has falt in my bike ,,,,,,, but I don't understand what the problem is

  • well done

  • The weight have share by weels only ,,,,,, @ Sharath Kn

  • There is technique of doing that

  • En la mía fz2.0 le he sacado 121km/hr