Fzs v2. 0 they don t have kick


Fzs v2.0 they don't have kick

How can I start in winter

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  • It will start dont worry.fuel injection bikes will start in any weather

  • thnq broo

  • its fi system...dont worry abt....starting problm...my bike is 15 mnths old...nd still no starting problm...so chilll

  • it's not about fi or blue core.. it has a acid battery so it won't get cool in winter.. so there won't be problem with self start

  • koi bhi season ho bike 100% start hogi

  • Kondu poi valla thottilum kala

  • How many dates FZ S Version 2.0 battery life.

  • thnq brooo

  • thnq broo

  • thnq

  • agar battery fail ho bhi jati hai to apna jugad hai na bhai....de dhakka

  • ru living in siberia ...?

  • It has fuel injector not carburetor so it will start same logic as cars ...will you ask for kicker in car??.. Fz v2 is like car(for u to understand)

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  • It's fuel injected machine

    Don't worry it will Start in any weather conditions

    But it won't if battery charge is gone

    And yes since it is fi version Yamaha has removed the kicker purposefully

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  • No ... if battery fails ... there's nothing to make it alive