Gas cap stuck due to corosion key wont turn. any ideas. I used wd40


Gas cap stuck due to corosion , key wont turn....any ideas? I used wd40

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  • Post up the vid frankie

  • Vinegar does work well removing rust.

  • I deal with locks all the time, in most cases Mark's advice not to use any oil is sound since it gums them up. But in things totally exposed to weather sometimes I break that rule, and use some sort of penetrating lubricant, it works well as long as the item is used often and cleaned and relubed from time to time when it starts to get sticky. In this case I think I'd go with PB Blaster or Liquid Wrench etc, those should free it up.

  • Tks, just got some pb....ill let you guys know the outcome. ..tks

  • And when you get it out, order one of these caps.. No screws to mess with.. -Cover/dp/B00GDKTAQG

  • Greg Burke yup, already set my eye on the baron screw cap

  • Those are nice, but $85 is a bit too salty for me.. I had the screws come loose on me and I found that replacement one on Amazon. Works great and didn't have those damned screws to contend with..

  • Aight, im getting something else for sure

  • Thank you, gents! Finally got it off, beoke one key in the lock and as you can see the one in my hand was about to break, but i got it!

  • Success!! :-D