Gauge set from a 1973 CT 3 make a reasonable offer buyer pays shipping

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  • Anyone interested

  • Let me check. Need a speedo that will fit 75 DT 175.

  • I believe they are the same or very similar but not 100%

  • What do you want for them Jason?

  • Make me a fair offer and you pay shipping flat rate should be about 14$

  • I really do not need them. I have several sets. I just see gauges and always ask. I hate to offer because I tend to make people mad.... LOL

  • Go for it I won't get mad may not accept but won't get mad

  • They are different

  • '75 needs a thin top rubber and the mounts are spaced different on the bottom.

  • Do they work?

  • This is the speedo before restore on my '74 DT360. You can see the thin rubber gromment compared to the thick ones on the earlier models.

  • Yes I know its a KPH speedo but they look same and that is the only pic I had at the moment

  • Sent you a pm with tracking info shipped it out today