Getting away from the Stealership Anyone use Castro 10 50w oil with K N filters...


Getting away from the "Stealership" Anyone use Castro 10-50w oil with K&N filters in their Raiders?

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  • I follow the temperature guide for oil weights when changing my oil. I use 20w-50 full synthetic in the summer with a K&N filter with the bolt head on the filter. I will probably go with a lighter weight to hold it over the winter here in NJ but change back to 20W-50 in the summer again. K&N filter is sort of a premium filter and gives you a nice chrome finish if you're looking for performance and appearance.

  • I use Mobil 1 15w50 synthetic and the Mobil 1 M-110 filter. Exceeds Yamaha specs and I've been using it for 70 of the 94,000 miles I have on the clock.

  • You have 94K on your Raider? What state?

  • Was going to go with the K&N filer. The manual says either 10-40 or 20-50, due to riding temp. I ride below 50 degrees and they throw a lot of heat and wanted the 50w for the summer. I'm in NJ, close to Trenton.

  • Virginia

  • Richmond area. It had 1 mile on it when I bought it 11/27/2007.

  • I use Castro 20/50 with the high flow oil filter..also k/n air filter.

  • I use royal purple 10w40 max cycle synthetic with k&n filter..... i use royal purple in every vehicle i have. Just my personal preference.

  • The real concern I address with changing my oil is according to the engine oil temperature averages and the external environment temperatures. If you're using a full synthetic oil with a wider viscosity gap between both oil weights you should not need to change your motor oil as often to meet the temperature variables between seasons. This of course increases the cost of the oil and can require some research into specific brands, oil weight ranges, and how able you are /often you change the oil.

    I personally use Mobil 1 full synthetic 20w-50 motorcycle V-twin oil and have since resolved an Over Heating issue that I had with mine. I still have yet to address the after firing in my exhaust pipes with an ECU flash from Ivan's.

    Come winter, I plan to change the oil to a lighter weight oil that is full synthetic. Because the winter in New Jersey can become fairly cold, I would suggest using the lightest weight oil recommended by the manual. Unfortunately, you may need to change oils to meet the sporadic seasonal change and rise and drops in temperature to avoid issues with cold start ups, sluggish response times, and over heating.

  • Castro syntec 20-50 all year in Dallas TX

  • Mobil 1 20w-50 and k&n filter. 37k miles and going strong.

  • Not far behind you Rick. I just flipped 90k bought 12/2007

  • Is that the same one used in cars or motorcycle specific? It would be awesome if the bike and truck took the same oil, buy in bulk

  • Bike specific

  • Amsoil 20w50 and Amsoil EAO filter. 99,600+ miles.