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Thank you a lot, happy to be here. Hi guys i need some help from you. I found a FJR 1300 AS (with automatic clutch) registered in the 2011 with 14 500 Km (about 23 200 miles) for 8700 euros (about 9875 USD) it is in perfect conditions with new tires . I think It is a 2008 model (silver tech) because in the following years not any AS models with automatic clutch were imported from japan.

My doubt is if the automatic clutch version works fine on this old model. Why in 2011 Yamaha has stopped FJR 1300 AS import to start again with new AS in 2013? What do you think about price and mileage?

Thank you a lot

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  • I think you got your kms and Miles switched

  • Yes it is true 14500 Km = about 9000 miles

  • I know thats AS were produced from 2009 up to 2013 and again in 2015 the Electric shift support was good but slow because of this it seemed like a lag while shifting in the 2015 series the complete engine is improved and the only similarity with old engine is that its a 1300 . Herewith they have modernised the shifting support aswell. How ever its not as direct as the double clutch from the new Honda VFR , this is a "little" better .

  • Thats New. I don'T know about the prices in your country in the netherlands the fjr1300 New costs about 22.900 euro New 2013 edition between 12 and 15

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