Going up to Tallahassee to visit our son in March Would it be worth towing the...


Going up to Tallahassee to visit our son in March. Would it be worth towing the boat up from Fort Pierce to play around the St. Marks and Wakulla rivers? Not familiar with the boating, but the area around is beautiful.

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  • Dog island, flint river, bird rack sand bar ( couple miles offshore St Marks), Wakulla River, and ochlockonee river.

  • Thanks for the info.

  • Dog Island is our favorite. 1:15 from Tally. Other places are 40-45 min drive.

  • Going to come up with a plan. Plenty of water going up the Ochlockonee?

  • Think so it is popular. I personally have not boated there for years.

  • Thanks again. The beauty of the Yamaha's is they are real forgiving if you catch yourself in real shallow water.

  • We boat the Ochlockonee River almost every weekend the sun is shining. Nice river. Friendly people. Private boat ramp. More than welcome to join in our fun.

  • It is going to be Cold