Good mornin everyone. My first motorcycle ever 2012 fz6r

Good mornin everyone! My first motorcycle ever, 2012 fz6r :)

  • Clean! Congratulations and be safe out there.

  • Thank you sir! I wish it was cleaner, several scratches and a dent on the tank but still love it!

  • Very nice! Keep the rubber pointing down and ride safe mate!

  • Thank you my Vietnamese brother from another mother!

  • Congrats man we got the same thing

  • Hell yeah! Congratulations to you too! Lucky you know how to ride a bike....

  • Maciej Nguyen your brand new to riding? Not even a dirtbike or anything in the past?

  • Cody Harrison yes sir, never owned one never rode one. Just riding down the street, 1st 2nd gear for now feeling it, when dropping the gear I just can't get it

  • Ah as long as you have the clutch down from a stop you'll be fine, and what do you mean you just can't get it by the way? Trying to give you some tips

  • I can start it up, release the clutch no problem, going to 2nd gear it's kinda smooth but have to work on it but once I'm trying to drop it to the 1st gear what do I do w the throttle. I'm going about 25mph, squeeze the clutch, change the gear to 1st, slowly start releasing the clutch but throughout this whole thing what do I do w throttle, when do I increase it, when do I release it, it starts going back and forth like it's stuck so I just can't get it yet. As I said, never owned one, never rode one

  • You don't have to slowly let go just let go it'll feel a little jerky but that's just engine braking

  • You sure it's ok for it to be jerky like that? I mean I'm a new rider so of course it'll be more than a bit. So when transitioning from higher gears to lower or the other way around just let the throttle all the way down, squeeze the clutch, change the gear, slowly release the clutch then almost at the end of releasing it start turning the throttle?

  • Have you watched any online tutorials?

  • Nope, my friend explained to me how it works

  • Small world hahhah

  • Maciej Nguyen if you were in first gear going 25 look at your Rpms. Now if your in second at 25 and your going to pull the clutch in and downshift into first. Then use your throttle to raise the Rpms to the same as if you were in first and let the clutch out. You just want the Rpms to match the lower gear so you don't get that jerky action.

  • Thank you Jacob Warner I will try that tomorrow! I kinda bought a pretty big bike for someone who never had or rode one before so I'm trying to focus on not falling. I got that part. You're right, I'm not really lookin at rpms so it's very jerky cuz you could say it's still at a higher gear going whatever mph and I'm quickly dropping it then revving and yeah that's why it's jerky. I have no problem going up but have to start paying attention when lowering the gear :)

  • Maciej Nguyen I had never rode anything on 2 wheels except for a bike when I was young until I got my fz6r so I feel your pain. Just remember smooth is fast, anything that is jerky is never good. It just takes some practice in a parking lot or somewhere with no traffic so you can really focus on it. Frame sliders are probably not a bad idea either haha.. Have fun with it man, and this page has a wealth of knowledge so if you have any more questions most people on here are more than happy to help!!

  • Thanks once again Jacob Warner ! Smooth is fast, you're absolutely right. Are there frame sliders for fz6r? Or I have to find something that's compatible for it?

  • Maciej Nguyen these are no cut so you don't have to damage your ferings by cutting big holes in them. They are $70-80 but the first time you go down they may save you the cost of the ferings which is a lot more. (I think I just convinced myself I need to stop putting them off and get some now also haha)

  • Oooooh, already got them haha, when you said sliders I thought of the crash cage. I'd love one of those but I don't think they make them for fz6r

  • Maciej Nguyen now that I went back and looked at your bike I see them. Ride safe and enjoy the new ride!

  • Jacob Warner thank you and you too! Ride safe!