Good morning all Since documentation is scarce to non existent for the audio...

Good morning all!! Since documentation is scarce to non-existent for the audio system on our Deluxe's....would anyone know how far back the on-board connector is compatible with older IOS devices?

Both my wife and I have really OLD 5G iPod's (the original video iPods) and both freeze and lock up after about 20 minutes. Both have the latest firmware that was offered on that generation and both still work beautifully when plugged into our cars, just not the bike. I figured that since the bike has the 30-pin iPod dock connector that we would be OK still using these trusty old devices.

Just trying to determine if the problem is with using REALLY old stuff or if there's a problem with the bike.


  • Mark Mykituk... Thanks for the info. However, I don't even have an iPod Touch. Mine is the old Classic that came out in 2005...yes about a decade ago. Lol.

  • If you want you might be able to get a used one on eBay for a light price

  • One issue worth using an ipod classic is they us small hard drives that might get damaged from the vibration of the motorcycle.

  • Jeff Owens...that's a good point. The Classic works well in our cars which don't have anywhere near that much vibration as a bike does. I'm in the process of trying to borrow a flash based iPod or iPhone from someone just to test out the theory. If it works, then I'll probably have to break down and buy another iPod.

  • No problems with my iPod after about 10,000 km so far so good

  • I have a iPod classic and it works intermittently so I ordered a refurbished iPod touch 32g from Apple Works like a charm!

  • I had an iPhone 4s that worked fine. I don't know if that generation tells you anything tho.

  • Got a hold of a 4s yesterday and am testing it out today.

  • That's what I have. Works great

  • I picked up a 32gig ipod touch, 4th Gen off Craigslist. Has worked fine for me. Just remember to disable the shake foe next track feature.