Good night I have a couple of question seems that I have to change the cables...

Good night I have a couple of question, seems that I have to change the cables of my bike (clutch and both throttle) but those are a pain to find here for the 6R, is way easier to find parts for the R6, their are different, I did not detailed well the accel ones, the clutch in the R6 is adjustable from near of the push lever assembly and from the lever, the 6R only from lever, the lever is the same of R6 so the cable have to fit there, but the part that fits in the push lever visually I think it can be used with our bike but not sure, finally the questions: A) The pair of throttle R6 Cables can be used with the 6R?, B) The clutch R6 cable can be used with 6R? thanks in advance.

  • Have a look on, r6 and 6r have different cables

  • Yeah, the thing is, buying from Australia, UK, or even Germany is much cheaper and faster than USA, the shipping costs are huge, for a 30 bucks cable you have to pay 80 or more for shipping, and taxes when package arrives that can be easily 40 or more, so you end paying 30 + 80 + 40 = 150, which I consider that is too much money for a cable, I'm trying to find stuff for the XJ6F (the FZ6R in Europe).

  • Not much better here in Australia when buying from USA :-/