Good old yz250 chocolate gearbox good job my pal had a spare

Good old yz250 chocolate gearbox good job my pal had a spare..

  • Have 3 mates and my own have yz and granted one of the 250s gearbox has gone as we found what looked like a bit of piston ring init the others are sound

  • And also with hardening you have to be able to ride like one of the top pros to be able to put enough heat into the bugger in witch case wouldn't all bike be the same and no ain't done much looking for info as not needed to......yet

  • Your telling me you found a piston ring in a gearbox of a 2stroke?? If race them every weekend you will have to change a gearbox or selector forks without a doubt by the end of the season.. You type Yz gearbox issues into Google youl have 12million results..

  • Lol piston ring in gearbox on a 2 stroke heard it all now lol.

    Not really have to ride like a top pro It's cos of the way they case harden it it doesn't matter if your a pro or other wise if you ride small tight tracks and go at a reasonable pase and your going up and down gears alot it will get hot

  • I want to know why they need to be hot? lol

  • Didn't say it came from the top end of the bike looked like a broken piece that got left in and spose it's same for any of the mx bikes people like to think this one is known for this and that one is known for that but at the end of the day there just ridden hard and brake after a while

  • And hardend metal needs to be real hot then get cold fast unless there is another way it happens

  • Yes and no I have a 1993 cr 250 that's been abbused buy last 2000 owners and I started a restriction on it and the gearbox is like new after over 20 year

  • Might have had a new one on the other hand I have a rm 250 same gearbox was sound but woodruff key slot was so fucked it had liqued metal all over it

  • A popular race engine builder once told me that they have common issues but the yz125 gear boxes are more reliable.