Good spark Valves anit bent Carb is cleaned and adjusted But wont run any...

Good spark. Valves anit bent. Carb is cleaned and adjusted. But wont run any ideas? Ytm200

  • Yea because they are known for it

  • What common / usual problem with the timing on these machines?

  • Michael Jr Todtschinder i was thinking that earlier but the guy i baught it from. Competly striped the bolt out so i gotta figure out how to get out

  • I've had so many of them and to get the bolt off weld a bolt to is and es it out and put a new bolt

  • And in at least half of the three wheelers I have had that are Yamaha I have had to 're time them

  • Whole nother can of worms... lol

  • Not really if you weld a bolt to the end you can get the bolt out and afterwards put a new one in and that way you can retym it

  • Thanks Michael Jr Todtschinder

  • No if you need anything else don't hesitate to ask

  • Will do